Higher Ground columnist John Devitt moves on… to Penticton

By David F. Rooney

John Devitt, author of The Current’s Higher Ground column, is moving on. After regaling our readers with his witty and perceptive take on local affairs, John is moving to Penticton this weekend where he’ll become the new executive director of that city’s Chamber of Commerce.

John began writing for The Current not long after he left his post at the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce. I had read some of John’s earlier writings and realized he had some definite talent and offered him a chance to write column. He accepted the opportunity and from that sprang a series of light-hearted, provocative and often ironic columns about everything from local politics, the Trans-Canada, RMR and more.

Not everyone appreciated John’s take on life in our little mountain town, however no one can deny that his writing stirred people one way or another. And that is what a columnist is supposed to do.

Thank you, John, for writing all of those great Higher Ground columns. I will miss them. But I take pleasure in knowing that you have resumed the career track your so dearly wished to return to.

Best of luck in Penticton, buddy.

Post script: There is a farewell party for John at The Cabin on Saturday evening from 7 pm until 9 pm.