Dennis Berarducci is one of the finalists in Kraft’s Hockey Goes On contest!


By David F. Rooney

Dennis Berarducci is one of the 100 finalists in Kraft’s Hockey Goes On Contest, which makes it truly possible — provided enough people vote for him next weekend — for the Revelstoke Minor Hockey Association to win one of the contest’s five $100,000 grand prizes or one of the lesser $20,000 prizes.

It all depends on how many people vote online for Dennis next Saturday and Sunday.

Dennis is a humble guy and though he’s all choked up at being one of the 100 finalists in the national contest he’s also really excited at the prospect of winning a big bag of cash for Revelstoke Minor Hockey.

You can read the story Renee Howe and I wrote about Dennis and find out more about the contest at

Starting at 6 am (PT) on March 23 and March 24 people will vote online for their favourite nominee.

“The top 5 Grand Prize-winning nominees will be announced April 3,” the rules say. “Each Grand Prize winning nominee will win $100,000 for their selected Minor Hockey Association. A total of 20 Second Prize-winning nominees will also win $20,000 to be awarded to their selected Minor Hockey Association. Imagine how much hockey equipment, ice time, tournaments and upgrades your Minor Hockey Association can get with that!”

If you’d like to see our own little Minor Hockey Association come out a winner please get everyone you know to vote for Dennis next weekend. Get your moms, dads, aunts, uncles, kids, nieces, nephews, close friends and even not-so-close friends to cast their votes for Dennis. They people you recruit to vote for Dennis can live anywhere in the country so don’t think for a second that only local people can vote for Dennis.

If you don’t have a computer you will still be able to vote by going to Cooper’s or Conversations where laptops will be provided to help you vote.

A $100,000 or $20,000 prize can go a long way towards helping our Minor Hockey Association and all the kids that play on its teams so please come out and vote.