Who has the greatest dog in town? Find out at Saturday’s Best in Show


By David F. Rooney

Revelstoke has a Top Bloke and a Top Chick so why not a Top Dog, too? That’s exactly what the community — which is well known for pooches of all sizes and descriptions — is going to get when Spirit Fest 2013 stages its Best in Show competition on Saturday.

The show is on Mackenzie Avenue between First and Second Streets. Registration begins at about 2:30 pm. Be sure to bring your completed registration form and your $10 (cash only, please!) registration fee.  The show begins at 3 pm

Since this is Revelstoke we’ll see a mix of slobbery family hounds and Bernese mountain dogs, playful huskies, dignified Shepherds, maybe a sleek Doberman or two and, doubtless, a few Jack Daniels and Pomeranians.

While this is certainly not a Canadian Kennel Club show, there are some basic rules dog owners must obey:

  1. Your dog must be healthy and happy in nature.
  2. No puppies under 6 months.
  3. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when not showing.
  4. Dog owners/handlers must clean up after their dogs.
  5. The safety and well being of all animals at the show is the responsibility of their owner.
  6. This is a fun dog show and winners are judged and picked accordingly.  The judge’s decision is always final.
  7. Please keep your dog on a lead at all times; your dog will be disqualified if set free.

According to the official registration form:

  • “Dogs are judged on great gait, best coat, healthiest & happiest looking dog, shake a paw & sit pretty show down, as well as overall crowd-pleaser!
  • “Following the parade the dog’s will have a fetch competition (please bring their favourite toy to fetch).
  • “The final competition is the obstacle course.
  • “Judges will award Revelstoke’s Top Dog Award to the Best in Show
  • Come on! Bring Fido downtown and show him off!
  • This could well be one of the best family events of Spirit Fest.

If you’re curious, please click here to read the official marking form.