Transportation minister wants to meet the public

BC Transportation Minister Mary Polak will be in Revelstoke on Tuesday, February 5, to update Revelstokians about future upgrades to the Trans-Canada and other highways in the region.

Peter Bernacki, vice-president of the BC Liberals’ Columbia River-Revelstoke Constituency Association, said Polak will be available to meet members of the public in the Mount Begbie Room at the Regent Inn at 112 First Street East. The drop-in event is expected to begin at 6:30 pm and to end at 8.

BC Liberal Candidate Doug Clovechok will also be attending this event and will be available to speak with members of the public.

During last autumn’s Union of British Columbia Municipalities meeting Premier Christy Clark pledged to spend $509 million over the next decade to continue four-lane improvements to the TCH between Kamloops and the Alberta border. That money is over and above the $141 million that was then earmarked for servicing the highway over the next 10 years.

Improving the highway has long been a major goal of Revelstoke residents. Sections have been improved over the years but advocates want the highway twinned. There is also the question of what to do about Heather Mountain. Every spring, more of that mountain’s slope above the TCH slides down towards the Beaver Valley. It could well slide all way, perhaps cutting the highway for months. Some advocates for an improved TCH would like to see a plan drawn up now for addressing that problem.