Why the BC Liberals went fund raising in Alberta

Editor’s Note:
The BC Liberal Party did a little fundraising in Calgary on January 17. Here’s what one party official had to say about it.

Dear Editor:

Some of our neighbors who pay taxes in our constituency, spend money in local businesses, contributing to the overall success of our economy won’t be able to vote in the May provincial election. They want to have a voice in Victoria.

That’s why BC Liberal candidate, Doug Clovechok, finds it very gratifying that not only permanent BC constituents feel he is that voice but is pleased that many residents who are “dual citizens” feel the same.

Recently Doug was invited to a fundraiser in Calgary supported by people who spend a lot of time in our region and have homes and significant investments in our Province.

Our neighbors’ stepping up says good things about Doug Clovechok’s candidacy.

Like the many individual BC donors that contribute to our campaign we want to thank others who are taking action to ensure that our campaign will succeed. It is through such effort that our volunteers know they will have the resources they need to win.

To all who support us we say, “Thank you!”

Todd Mitchell
President/ Fundraising Chair
BC Liberal Party CRR 814