Visits to The Current pass 1 million


By David F. Rooney

Visits to The Revekstoke Current since its launch on July 1, 2009, have passed the one million mark. The total number of individual readers who visited the online news site since that date is 251,690.

All told they have, as measured by Google Analytics, viewed 3,164,119 pages. The average visitor to the website looks at 2.96 pages and spends an average of 2.37 minutes on-site.

By Christmas, more than 4,700 individuals were reading The Current online each week. Predictably, that dropped to about 3,250 a week over ┬áthe Christmas-New Year’s period and has begin climbing back up since January 1.

Over 900,000 of the visits to The Current come from British Columbia and 489,763 are identified as coming from Kamloops, although that is somewhat deceptive because Telus’ Internet servers for this region are based in that city. In all likelihood the majority of those visits came from Revelstokians who use Telus. The number of visits identified as coming from Revelstoke was 138,002. These are almost certainly RCTV/Your Link Internet service subscribers.

Kelowna residents visited The Current 71,056 times, followed by Vancouver-area residents with 46,675 visits and Salmon Arm with 31,911. Calgarians visited 21,967 times, Edmontonians went to the site 18,289 times, Nelsonians 15,096, Torontonians 13,257 times and Victorians 11,768 times.

Globally, 999,706 visits between July 1, 2009 and January 3, 2013 were by Canadian residents, 33,590 by people in the United States, UK residents 5,265, Australians went to The Current, 3,077 times and New Zealand 2,910 times. Residents of Japan, Germany, France and Mexico visited the site 1,503, 1,353, 1,066 and 1,015 times respectively.

The Current exists to chronicle life in our small city and the fact that so many people find our community interesting is very gratifying. Thank you.

Please click here to see the visitation statistics and here to see visitation statistics by all 187 countries whose residents visited The Current.