Thespians needed for one-act play

Dreaming of a life on stage? Tripping through the lime lights with the rapt attention of an audience focused on you?

Well, your could take the first step towards achieving that dream  by auditioning for a role in Fuel, a one-act play being produced by the Revelstoke Theatre Company.

The play, written by Jerod Blake and directed by Denny Kaulback, requires two male actors between the ages of 20 and 40 years of age.

Auditions are scheduled for Thursday January 31 and Tuesday February 5 at 7:30pm at McGregor’s at Powder Springs Inn. You can come to one or the other night. You need not come to both.

Here’s a synopsis of the award-winning, 65-minute play based on the author’s personal battle with addiction:

The playwright takes a unique perspective, humanizing the addiction, giving it feelings and human emotions in order to explore its very controlling, manipulative and destructive nature as the addict it inhabits, struggles to get sober.

Addiction, simply called The Narrator, is embodied in the form of a writer who authors extremely dark and powerful manifestos. He is a tortured soul who becomes “unnaturally” involved in one story in particular: the story he has been writing of Jonathon King, the embattled addict/alcoholic. The Narrator becomes enveloped in this story, so much so, that he starts to lose focus on what his job as addiction is supposed to be, until he becomes, himself, addicted to the story of Jonathon King.

The journey the audience embarks on with The Narrator is a parallel to the alcoholic/addict who just can’t get recovery… or can.