Another take on the BC Liberals’ Calgary fundraiser

The Editor:
I am writing regarding your recent coverage of the Calgary fundraiser spearheaded by one Murray Edwards on behalf of the BC Liberal party.  I am not going to dwell on whether or not it should have happened.
Instead, I am going to explain why it did happen.  It happened because the Alberta oil industry is in panic mode.  Big Oil is terrified that if the BC Liberals lose the election there will be no Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and consequently no supertankers negotiating BC’s pristine west coast on their way to deliver Alberta oil to China.
Now, let’s look at the recent pronouncements of the Liberal candidate for Columbia River – Revelstoke.  When speaking about the aforementioned Murray Edwards he described him as the owner of three ski resorts in BC.  That is true.  What he did not tell us is that Murray Edwards is the CEO of Canadian Natural Resources (CNR), a major player in the Alberta oil industry that has annual net earnings of 1.5 billion dollars.
CNR will not only be contributing a large amount of money to the Liberals, it will probably be mobilizing the other oil giants to do the same.  If they are successful in getting the Liberals re-elected then we the people of British Columbia will have lost control of our own province.
Now, let’s get back to the Liberal’s candidate in CRR.  He should explain why he has not mentioned the other identity of Murray Edwards and why he has tried to conceal the real reason why the Alberta oil industry is willing to donate large amounts of money to the BC Liberal election campaign.
The people of Columbia River – Revelstoke deserve an explanation.
Jim Galloway
Brisco BC