Just in time for winter — a badly needed sign on Nichol

Anxious about the safety of all the children who walk to and from Arrow Heights Elementary School along Nichol Road, the Revelstoke Credit Union and Revelstoke Credit Union Insurance Service, represented here by Randy Driediger (left), donated $4,000 to help the school’s Parent’s Advisory Committee to purchase a new radar speed sign which has been installed on the hill above the school. This is a tremendous gift from the Credit Union and its insurance service. They paid for the sign at the base of the hill after thieves stole the sign the PAC had originally installed. On Monday Randy joined AHE PAC President Mardi Syrnyk, PAC Director Mary Clayton (second from the right), AHE Principal Todd Hicks and Student Council co-Prime Ministers Emily Lehmann and Alana Brittin (center left beside Mardy Syrnyk) and students Julian Corbett, Seth Chevrier and Landon Camara for this photo to mark the sign’s installation. Nichol Road really, really needs a proper side walk and, perhaps, some road-side barricades to protect all the kids who walk along this busy thoroughfare. The barricades are deemed necessary by the PAC because it is not unusual for vehicles to flying off the road at the bottom of the road. David F. Rooney photo