Groomers are getting those snowmobile trails ready

Local snowmobilers are rubbing their hands and preparing to hit the high country after the first real snowfall of the year.

“We have had a large dump of snow in the last 24 hours which is the first snow of the season,” says Angela Threatful, executive director of the Snowmobile Revelstoke Society.  “There is little base on the lower sections as of yet and a weak warm base on the upper sections as temperatures have been too warm.”

She said Friday afternopn that that “we welcomed over 150 snowmobilers at Boulder and over 140 snowmobilers at Frisby.”  Biut she also had a warning for eager snowmobilers

“This much traffic on first-of-the-season snow that has not had the chance to bond properly due to warm temperatures makes it difficult to maintain smooth trails,” she said.  “Our groomer operators are doing their best during these challenging conditions.  We groomed last night and will be grooming again tonight.”

Trails groomed are:

  • Kirkup to the second side hill;
  • Frisby Main; and
  • 10 inches of new snow at Boulder and 6 inches of new snow at Frisby.