Beware the latest phone scam: Fraudsters claiming to be working for the Credit Union!

By David F. Rooney

Beware any telephone calls from people claiming to be conducting a telephone survey “on behalf of the Revelstoke Credit Union,” says the RCU’s Martin Ralph.

“We have received several reports about this in the last two days,” he told The Current on Thursday afternoon. “By the nature of the questions being asked in the fraudulent survey, I believe the general public may be targeted — not only Credit Union members.”

He said the calls are fraudulent. The RCU is not currently conducting any telephone surveys, nor has it hired any organization to conduct surveys on its behalf.

“Revelstoke Credit Union will never telephone or e-mail you asking you to confirm account or credit card information or to ask you to verify any personal information,” Ralph said. “Any information such as this which is required to conduct banking with us is already on record, and we would not need to confirm these details.”

He urged anyone who receives such a telephone call to hang up and call the Credit Union at 250-837-6291 to report the incident.

“If you receive similar e-mails, do not reply to the message or provide any information,” he said. “Contact us directly by phone at 250.837.6291 or through our secure website by clicking here.

While conmen are active all year around, their activity sometimes seems to spike right around the Christmas holidays.

It’s important to be alert. Banks, credit unions and other institutions — not just financial ones — never call people up by phone to verify information. Nor do they send e-mails asking for sensitive personal information.

We also need to remember that if something sounds to good to be true it’s almost always not true.

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