Tom Fun Orchestra playing November 26

The Tom Fun Orchestra is coming to town and will play at the Big Eddy Pub on November 26. The band will play music from their new CD, Earthworm Heart. If you’ve never heard of the Tom Fun Orchestra here’s some bumpf from their website;
“Tom Fun Orchestra” is a world-famous band of modest Cape Breton musicians who obviously hire professional types to write their bio. Tom Fun would never themselves choose to list their many accomplishments, which include multiple tours across Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as sojourns to the Republic of Ireland and Australia. If they wrote their own story, would they even mention their widely popular 2008 debut release, You Will Land With a Thud, the album that helped them win two East Coast Music Awards and two Music Nova Scotia Awards? It is doubtful, for they are a humble band. If pressed, The Tom Fun Orchestra would admit their excitement over Earthworm Heart, the sophomore record being released nation-wide on November 13, 2012. The seven-piece band may be persuaded to mention how their sound has evolved from the full throttle onslaught of the first record. Earthworm Heart is comprised of leaner, tougher compositions with particular attention paid to finding the appropriate arrangements for each song. It produces diverse physical reactions from the listener, including uncontrollable hip wiggling, fist pumping, jumping and guzzling.
If The Tom Fun Orchestra were forced to self-scribe, they would sheepishly mention their upcoming Canadian World Tour 2K12, which will see them play nearly thirty dates across the country, beginning in Fredericton on October 18, 2012, and bringing them all the way to British Columbia and back again. The Tom Fun Orchestra could tell you all of these things, but they don’t have to, because they are too famous and too humble to write their own bio. You can catch one of their songs here: Photo courtesy of Tom Fun Orchestra