Talking turkey in Revelstoke

Food Editor Leslie Savage

Wow, it’s that time again. Really. Because if you want a turkey from Ray the Butcher,  tomorrow is the deadline!

I tried to buy a turkey to cook for this week’s column and can tell you that until next week when Cooper’s gets in an order placed yesterday, there ain’t any turkeys in Revelstoke. Not of the eating variety, at any rate.


DateSupplier in RevelstokeType of turkey
Nov 28Deadline for ordering a turkey from Ray the Butcher.JD Farms4-6 kilos5-7 kilos

7-9 kilos

9-11 limited availability

Nov 28Tim Dolan accepting turkey ordersJD Farms
Dec 6Some frozen turkeys available from Southside Groceries and CoopersLilydale, some Butterballs
Dec 15Large order of frozen turkeys arrive at CoopersLilydale
Dec 18Fresh turkeys available at CoopersLilydale
Dec 20Fresh turkeys available at SouthsideLilydale
Dec 21Fresh turkeys from Tim Dolan Dolan Home Delivery 250-804-3474JD Farms
Dec 23Start thawing your frozen turkey
Dec 24Make the stuffing: See Savage Delights November 29
Dec 25Enjoy a great holiday dinner!


JD Farms, a family operation,  raise specialty turkeys in Langley, BC and advertise grain-fed, antibiotic-free turkeys raised in well-ventilated barns. The print on their web site the Canadian Government regulations re turkey production; see

In Revelstoke, Ray the Butcher next door to La Baguette and Tim Dolan ( provide JD Farms turkeys. Grain-fed means no animal by-products are used in the feed. This is a government regulated industry—see the JD Farm “Speciality Turkey” link under “About JD Farms” for more information.

Coopers will provide organic hormone-free turkeys on special order with 2 weeks notice, and although they can’t specify where these come from, my guess is that thy would be from JD Farms.

Lilydale is a cross-Canada producer of turkey. They buy from numerous farms and process turkeys in Abbottsford and Calgary, among other places. Turkeys are given small amounts of antibiotics when young, which according to their PR office dissipate by the time the turkeys come to market. They receive no hormone treatments and are all-grain-fed. Lilydale inspectors monitor government regulations in all farms. Turkeys sold in BC likely are raised in BC or Alberta, but Lilydale cannot guarantee this.