Locals tired of being singled out

I am a life-long resident of Revelstoke. I was born here and plan on dying here as well.

There are a few things about our beautiful town that are starting to bother me and, I think, a majority of other locals.

A few folks I know have had some problems with discrimination and what seems to be favouritism. One case in point I witnessed involved a bylaw official who handed out parking tickets to locals but walked right by vehicles with out-of-province plates. Now I am aware that parking illegally gets you a fine but it should also mean everybody gets fined — not just locals.

A friend of mine was walking her dog uptown on a leash on the sidewalk as was a non-local family across the street but because she was local and the bylaw officer knew her, she got a warning and when she asked why she was being bothered and not the family across the street she received no answer and the bylaw officer did not say one thing to the other folks. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

I cannot speak for anyone but myself, however, judging by everything I have heard, Revelstoke has changed and in my opinion it is not for the best in any way shape or form. True locals will agree with me.

Mike Tory