Kokanee fish paintings!

By David F. Rooney

Grade Two students who participated in this autumn;s Kokanee Fish Festival were tickled pink when the paintings they made were formally presented to their elementary schools on Friday by Hailey Ross, the  festival organizer and coordinator of the North Columbia Environmental Society.

Hailey spent much of her morning and part of her afternoon presenting the paintings to city schools.

Here are some photos of those presentations:

Charley Hill, Senna Basley and Halle Simpson were all smiles as NCES Coordinator Hailey Ross presented them with the painting they and the other Columbia Park Elementary School Grade Two students made during the Kokanee Fish Festival. They tok possession of the painting during a Friday morning assembly. David F. Rooney photo
Begbie View Elementary kids Jackie Broches and Zack Veninsky car barely see over the paintings they are hoisting after receiving them from NCES Coordinator Hailey Ross on Friday. The kids were among the Grade Two kids who produced the paintings during last month’s Kokanee Fish Festival. David F. Rooney photo
NCES Coordinator Hailey Ross presents Arrow Heights Elementary students Olivia Jean and David Yoon with the painting Grade Two students made at this autumn’s Kokanee Fish Festival. The presentation took place during the school’s Friday afternoon assembly. David F. Rooney photo
Ecole des Glaciers students Tamara Lovett, Audrey St. Onge, Felix Freathy, Ruby Serrouya, Louyis St. Onge, Liam Freathy and Esteban Awad were very happy with the painting NCES Coordinator Hailey Ross presented to them on Friday. The kids (along with Luca Gallant and Diego Awad, both missing from this photo) made the painting during last month’s Kokanee Fish Festival at Bridge Creek. David F. Rooney photo