Junior squash players perform extremely well in Vancouver tourney

Gordon Mason, Gavin Mason, Julia Dorrius, Gabe Laidlaw, Tettey Tetteh and Sophie Dorrius performed extremely well in a recent tournament in Vancouver. Kevin Dorrius photo

Six of Revelstoke’s junior squash players — Gordon Mason, Gavin Mason, Julia Dorrius, Gabe Laidlaw, Tettey Tetteh, and Sophie Dorrius — recently competed in a tournament at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club and performed extremely

“This was the first Junior Tournament that our Junior Program has ever participated in, so it was a big step for our club,” said Kevin Dorrius of the Revelstoke Racquet Den. “Going in, we really didn’t know how competitive our program was. Now we know that our juniors can play with the juniors down on the lower mainland. The kids all had a great time at their first Junior Tournament and are looking forward to the BC Junior Open in January.”

In terms of results:

Gordon Mason finished 2nd in the U15/U17 B,

Gavin Mason Finished 3rd in the Boys U15/U17

Gabe Laidlaw won 1st place in the Boys U15/U17 Novice

Julia Dorrius finished 2nd in the Girls U13

Sophie Dorrius finished 3rd in the Girls U13

Tettey Tetteh finished 7th in the Boys U13B