In Pictures: The Handmade Parade

This year’s Handmade Parade appeared to have almost everything you could possibly want in the way of hand-made crafts and arts.

The two-day sale at the Community Centre this weekend featured pottery, jewellery, hand-woven cedar and wool items, the planet’s most delicious truffles, fantastic breads, books and — gosh! — almost anything you imagine. Over 700 people roamed he aisles on Saturday and Sunday snapping up those items that caught their eyes and their pocketbooks.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Corin Flood and his wife Susan were all smiles Sunday as they offered Corin’s lovely wooden bowls and cups to customers. David F. Rooney photo
Brian Sumner of the BC Interior Forestry Museum had a great deal for people: copies of the museum’s new Chicks with Chainsaws calendar for 2013. If you didn’t get down to the Handmade Parade on the weekend you can still find them in local shops. David F. Rooney photo
Charles Sharp, better know as Chic, offered his children’s books about twelve amazing brothers at the Handmade Parade this weekend. He has published three books in the series and a fourth will be out soon. David F. Rooney photo
Steve Lamarsh offers up a fistful of delicious truffles he and his wife, Linny, produce in New Denver. If you missed these mouthwatering confections (they come in Huckleberry, raspberry, orange, ginger, hazel nit liqueur, frangelica liqueur and mocha) ou can still order them by phone at 25-358-7208 or by e-mail at  David F. Rooney photo
Alex Cooper of the Times Review snags a photo of Patti and Satish Shonek at the Handmade Parade. David F. Rooney photo
Brandy Dicks of Nelson had some interesting things on sale — handmade woolen play sets for imaginative youngsters. You can discover more about her products (and order them, too) online at David F. Rooney photo
Golden-basde Chef Nicole Du Vent has written a cookbook, which she had on offer to Revelstoke foodies. Her cookbook, Eat Pure Food, is available at David F. Rooney photo
Sharon Toews of Shuswap Infusion Teas, sips some her lovely brew as her son, Harper, smiles in the background. She mixes her beautifully tinned teas herself. Locally you can find her products at Sangha Bean Cafe on Connaught Avenue. You can also order them online at David F. Rooney photo