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Ticked off with the CBC? Send your e-mails to…

As most people now by now, many residents are ticked off at the CBC for switching Revelstoke from the coverage area handled by CBC Kelowna to the new CBC operation in Kamloops.

But just how many are mad?

Michael Morris sent me a series of e-mails between himself and CBC Program Manager Andrew Glass regarding this.

“There is a ground swell of support for returning Revelstoke to the Daybreak South programming area,” Morris said in one of his e-mails. “Not only should this be done soon, it should also be seen as an opportunity to strengthen the coverage of the Columbia region, one that is as distinctive as the Okanagan, or Caribou, or the Lower Mainland.”

Glass replied:  “I have honestly received less than a dozen emails voicing concern about our programming change. On the flip-side, we have also had listeners in Revelstoke tell us why they like the new show hosted by Shelley Joyce.”

Mayor David Raven, on the other hand, told Council on Tuesday that the City had received 50 e-mails complaining about that more were coming in.

Perhaps if people communicated directly with the CBC they might be better able to gauge the mood of CBC listeners.

You can e-mail Glass at: Andrew.Glass@CBC.CA


Waste not want not

Mmmm, here’s a tasty municipal issue… the Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP).

The LWMP has been on the City’s radar screen for five or six years and now there’s actually some publicly visible movement on it.

The Ministry of the Environment has approved Stage 2 of this complicated project provided the City’s plan to move the outfall waste pipe being relocated from the Illecillewaet River to the Columbia River be done in such as way that the schedule is agreeable to both the Ministry and the City and that an environmental monitoring program be in stalled in advance “to monitor impacts to the Illecillewaet River.

The LWMP envisions a modernization and expansion of the existing waste treatment system.

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Changes to the City’s fees and charges

Council has approved a raft of changes to its existing schedule of fees and charges.

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New business licenses issued

The City issues 13 new business licences last month.

The new licenses went to Specialized Refrigeration, Crosby Company Woodworks, Shuswap Industries Ltd. doing business as Shuswap Tree Movers, Maz Design, J.R.’s Janitorial, Alfred Horie Construction Company Ltd..\, Wayside Press Ltd., Trademark Plumbing Ltd., Perspective Mountain Leadership Company, Girls Do Ski, Glacier Manor Apartments, Calabria Enterprises and Namaste Nutrition — Nutritional Counselling.

This brings the total number o business licenses in the city to 907 from 895 at the end of September. However, that’s down two from this same time last year.


Building Permits up

The City issued 12 residential and commercial building permits last month worth a whopping $1,322,000.

That brings to $9,918,000 the total value of permits issued so far this year. Last year at this time $23 million worth of permits had been issued.