Art in the Park and art by GASP kids, Teria Davies and work from the Banff Mountain Photography Show are certain to impress you — don’t miss them!

By David F. Rooney

Friday evening will be a an eye-popper for local art lovers at the Visual Arts Centre opens four great shows — Art in the Park 2012-2013, terrific and very mature photography by this year’s GASP students, paintings by Teria Davies and a selection of photos of subterranean exploration from the Banff Mountain Photography Show.

These shows are truly excellent and I especially enjoyed the work by the GASP students. I thought their images were surprisingly mature and high quality. The students and their families should be proud of this show.

Teria Davis small solo show contains some very interesting work and the Banff Mountain Photography Show is quite different from anything shown here before.

But the sheer exuberance and explosion of work by most of the artists who took part in Art in the Park 2012-2013 is amazing. No landscapes here! All of the images focus on flowers, leaves, lichen, bark and other things that usually slip past the consciousness of people who visit the parks.

There is an opening for this show on Friday, November 9, starting at 6 pm. The shows are open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from noon until 4 pm. For more information please call 250-814-0261 or send an e-mail to or visit The Centre’s website.

Click here to read a backgrounder about the Art in the Park projects.

Click here to see more photos and thumbnail bios of the artists.

Here are just a few of the images you’ll in these great shows:

The photos by students enrolled in the GASP program are really quite excellent. These three were by Emily Suchy (left, top), Jessie Booker (left, bottom) and Sarah Boaz. David F. Rooney photo
By Chloe Juwon Kim
Asian pigments on paper
18 Kisses
By Jackie Pendergast
Mixed Media
Powdered Shield Lichen
By Eve Fisher
Lichen in the Forest
Coreen Tucker
Mixed Media
By Lucie Bergeron
Watercolour and Watercolour Pencils
Sunnyside Up
By Sue Davies
Oil on Canvas
Bark on a Cedar Tree
By Kip Wiley
King of the Forest
By Jackie Pendergast
Mixed Media
Lichen Pots 1 and 2
By Sandra Flood
Change in the Seasons — Diptych
By Teria Davies
Mixed Media
Last Run
By Teria Davies
Acylic on Canvas
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