2,592 without power on Thursday evening

Thursday night’s outage left more than 2,000 Revelstokians sitting in the dark for a couple of hours, says BC Hydro’s Stakeholder Engagement Advisor Jennifer Walker-Larsen.
“At 6:23 pm a heavy-equipment operator contacted a distribution line at the Downie sawmill yard,” she told The Current. “Fortunately no one was injured. The resulting outage left 2,592 customers in Revelstoke without service. Line crews safely restored service to all customers by 8:15 pm.”

She said people can report an outage to BC Hydro by calling 1-888-POWERON or *HYDRO on your mobile phone.

“Automatic notification will be available through smart meters once all meters have been installed and the system is fully operational over the next year,” Walker-Larsen said. “Also make note of BC Hydro’s mobile-friendly website bchydro.com/mobile on your smart phone. And if you go to www.bchydro.com/outages/orsMain.jsp  you can not only report an outage but find an estimate on when power will be restored.”