TCH near Enchanted Forest was hexed on Sunday

The Trans-Canada Highway near the Enchanted Forest must have been hexed on Sunday as two separate accidents sent four people to Queen Victoria Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

A statement from the Revelstoke RCMP detachment said the first accident occurred at approximately 3:15 am.

“Investigation showed that an Alberta licensed Honda Civic with three occupants was traveling westbound on the highway when the driver attempted to pass a tractor trailer unit,” Staff Sgt. Jackie Olsen said in the statement. “While attempting to pass the tractor on a double-solid line he clipped the rear tire of an eastbound tractor trailer unit. The driver of the Honda lost control, went off road left, flipped over and landed in the (Eagle) river, in approximately one foot of water.”

She said all of the occupants managed to get out of the vehicle. Neither driver of the tractor trailer units were injured as a result. Police are continuing their investigation and charges are pending.

The next accident occurred 13 hours later at about 4:30 pm when a 43-year-old Calgary resident was traveling westbound on the highway.

“She apparently was looking at the large rock on the north side of the highway when she realized that she was on the shoulder of the roadway,” Olsen said in the statement. “She lost control in the gravel, went off the roadway, and flipped into the water.”

The driver of a vehicle behind her immediately pulled over and with the assistance of other motorists entered the water and removed the unconscious driver.

The woman was transported to Queen Victoria Hospital to be assessed for minor injuries. Neither drugs or alcohol were believed to be involved in either incident.

The day before, at Three Valley Gap, a single-vehicle accident at 8:30 am ended with a truck driver being treated for minor injuries.

“Investigation showed that a commercial tractor trailer unit was proceeding westbound on the highway, lost control and overturned blocking the eastbound and westbound passing lanes,” Olsen said in a separate statement. “The 56 year old BC driver received minor injuries and was treated at the scene by paramedics and released.”

The driver could not explain why he had lost control of the unit but witnesses said his transport unit had been following a slower-moving vehicle towing a boat.

“Once on the passing lane the transport unit attempted to pass the slower moving vehicle,” Olsen said. “It was at this time that the unit tipped over and made contact with the boat and trailer.”

The police investigation is continuing and charges are pending, she said.