Mounties’ Operational Communications Centre team lauded for 2010 avalanche work

The RCMP’s Southeast District Operational Communications Center A Watch was recently recognized for their professionalism shown in handling the 2010 avalanche on Boulder Mountain. On February 13, 2010, they received reports of an avalanche in which the initial information indicated over 200 persons might have been buried in a massive slide.

The A Watch team coordinated the telecommunications for the integrated response to the emergency and inquiries from the public during the first 12 hours of the avalanche.

Staff Sgt. Jacquie Olsen, commander of the Mounties’ Revelstoke detachment, said the OCC’s Abby Thacker also received an award for her actions during a fatal skier accident on January 28, 2010, when three skiers went under RMR’s Ripper Chair and 2 of them died.

“She stayed on the line for 20 + minutes with the 16-year-old survivor to keep him calm and reassured,” Olsen said.

That kind of dedication demonstrates the clear professionalism of our national police force. Kudos to all of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and civilian staff for their ongoing efforts to protect us.