Infant beater set for sentencing

By David F. Rooney

We always like to think that Revelstoke is safe place — especially for children. And for the most part that’s true, but any community is only as safe as the people who live there make it.

And even the safest towns have a dark and brutal side. Revelstoke is no different in that regard as the local Mounties discovered earlier this year when they arrested a local resident for committing an aggravated assault on an infant from April to June.

Staff Sgt. Jacquie Olsen recounted some elements of the incident when she gave her regular report to Council on Tuesday.

The infant suffered bruising and fractured bones during the assaults but Olsen said she does not think its injuries will be permanent.

The father, on the other hand, pled guilty earlier this month and will appear in Provincial Court for sentencing in January.

In another incident, local Mounties located the remains of a Piper aircraft that had crashed in 2000 in the Mustang Heliskiing tenure area in Eagle Pass.

“Apparently the plane was noted in 2005 by hikers, they assumed that it must have been reported so never called the police,” Olsen said.

However, they did mention their discovery to a local lodge area. He hiked into the area in August and saw the plan. After talking it over with friends then decided to advise the RCMP.

“The plane was purchased in 108 Mile House and flown out of 100 Mile House,” Olsen said. “It was last seen flying over the Shuswap Lake by wood cutters. “

The pilot was 63-year-old Ernest Hesse of Ontario and was flying it home, she said.

However his body was no found even though six officers conducted a grid search of the crash site over two days.

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