Door-to-door scammers posing as United Way fundraisers

Con artistss are scamming local citizens by going door to door in the Shuswap and Vernon areas asking for donations to the United Way. The funds are being collected using handheld debit machines and donors are sometimes being offered Tim Horton’s gift cards as a reward for donating, says a statement from the United Way.

“The individuals who are canvassing appear clean cut and presentable,” the statement said. “They were in the Shuswap area last weekend and in Vernon yesterday. The debit information gathered door to door was used to extract additional unapproved funds from donors’ accounts.”

The United Way in our region does not canvass door to door. As well, they do not offer ‘rewards’ to donors and do not use handheld card readers. United Way is a trusted charity that has been in the community for 51 years and donations support 28 charities delivering 35 programs supporting kids, youth, families and seniors.

This scam was also carried out on Central Vancouver Island several weeks ago by people posing as a newly wed couple.  The RCMP has been contacted and is currently investigating the situation.

If you are approached to give at your door please decline, but, if possible, get a good description of the individuals and contact the RCMP immediately. If you have been victimised please contact your bank to report the transactions and contact the local RCMP at 250-837-5255.