What to do, what to do… Part 2

 By David F. Rooney

Those signs that are driving people batty appear to be provoking a little guerrilla civic action…

They’d barely been sprayed onto the pavement for a day and Gary Sulz had enough. The stencilled sign near ┬áBrandon Bowers had to go… or, perhaps, changed thereby turning a negative into a positive. Gary acquired a bag of chalk and settled in to exercise his artistic skills. David F. Rooney photo
Angela Waterston prompts a laugh from Gary as he works on the first symbol in the stencilled trilogy that has provoked a great deal of public anger. What might have been a terrier on a leash was transformed into a colourful poodle wearing a toque and having a… well, you know… Number 2. David F. Rooney photo
The middle symbol took some thought. What was it supposed to represent? A skateboard? Nah! How about a dead lizard? Many Vigue and Angela thought that was perfect! David F. Rooney photo
Councillor Chris Johnston and his wife and daughter, Gwen and Bridget, enjoys Gary’s colourful adaptation of the bike symbol. David F. Rooney photo
Finished, Gary leans back to survey his artistic accomplishment. Perhaps City Council should consider buying a load of coloured chalks and engaging members of Revelstoke’s artistic community to revamp or even cover up these awful stencils. David F. Rooney photo