Rescuing kitty

Local resident Ross Hurlburt and some friends recently came to the rescue of a cat that stranded on op of a pole for about 20 hours…

A cat stuck on a pole for 20 hours excited the concern of local residents Ross Hurlburt, Mike Fitzmaurice and Ian Andrews who attempted to rescue the frantic feline. Hurlburt said a call to animal control yielded the advice to leave the cat alone and it would come down on its own. That didn’t seem right to Hurburt and his friends so they tried to get it down by themselves. Ross Hurlburt photo
“We used a small ladder and a pole to try and coax the cat down, then a milk crate with some food and water in it… but the cat would only just get in enough to eat a little or drink a little,” Hurlburt said in an e-mail to The Current. Ross Hurlburt photo
“After numerous attempts and no luck, we had to give up. A posting had been put on the Revysell Facebook page asking for anyone’s help in rescuing the little guy. After maybe half an hour, a neighbor… came with an extension ladder, and went up the pole, and was able to put the cat in his arms and bring the scared starving kitty down. (We) let him go in the alley and he ran to his house, just down the alley.” Ross Hurlburt photo