Putting our best foot forward

Revelstoke is putting its best foot forward online with the new www.seerevelstoke.com website created by the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Coordinator Meghan Tabor. The new site is a huge improvement over its predecessor. Revelstoke Current screenshot

By David F. Rooney

Revelstoke is putting its best foot forward online with the new www.seerevelstoke.com website created by the Chamber of Commerce.

The new tourism website  offers complete information on the businesses, services and lifestyle available to visitors.  Along with the new website, Revelstoke Tourism has also launched a mobile directory, to be accessed when mobile users are viewing the site.

“Kudos to Meghan Tabor, our Tourism Guru, for a her creativity and hours of dedication in building this new site,” said Judy Goodman, the Chamber’s executive director.

The site Meghan designed has a crisp clean design and lots of relevant content including a video gallery with 18 short videos on what our city and region have to offer, a small photo gallery, event listings, business descriptions, images and information about attractions, places to stay and eat and more. It is also very easy to navigate.

Goodman said the new website amalgamates the current winter and summer websites into one; making it more user friendly, with easy navigation.

“We have also opted for a fresh and clean design,” she said.  The new site consists of the following sections:

Accommodation Dining & Nightlife Attractions Recreation Shops & Lifestyles About Revelstoke

The subsections include:

Home   Photo Gallery  Video Gallery  Events  Media  Tourism Listings  Business Directory

The new site really is easier to navigate and more up to date than the old one and should prove to be a powerful marketing tool — particularly with outdoorsy, athletic and fun-loving visitors or potential new residents in the 20-40 age bracket. That is particularly evident in the video gallery which boasts 18 short flicks about our area.

“The current film on the home page encompasses Summer Recreation,” Goodman said in a statement announcing the site’s release “This is the first film of a series that we are in the process of developing. Films will be created for all categories on the website. The next film on the list is Attractions including Arts, Culture, Family Fun, History and Heritage.  After the entire series is done, one film will be created for the main home page with scenes from each film segment to encompass all of Revelstoke.  All other films will be placed on their respective representative home pages. ”

Chamber members are listed in their unique categories, often in multiple sections of the site.

“The site is a work in progress and will have frequent updates over the next few months while we collaborate with our members and hone the details,” Goodman said. “We encourage our members to provide us with feedback as we continue to build the site throughout the year.”

For more information on the site, please contact us at 250.837.5345.