One-day strikers

About 35,000 BC Government and Service Employees Union members, including those in Revelstoke like these Ministry of Highways employees, staged a one-day strike on Wednesday. David F. Rooney photo
The workers, including these strikers at the government liquor store, have not had a raise in three and a half years. They’re looking for a 3.5 per cent raise in the first year and a cost of living allowance in the following year. When you factor inflation into the mix, they’ve had what amounts to a five percent pay cut. Lots of passersby were sympathetic, and waved or honked to show their support. David F. Rooney photo
Meanwhile, fellow union members picketed in front of the Ministry of Forests’ district office. The union says they don;t want to see anyone’s taxes increased and maintain that by opening liquor stores on Sundays the government can actually increase its revenues by $280 million. David F. Rooney photo