Missing Lumby woman found near Cherryville

Missing woman Susan Catt has been located alive in a remote area near Cherryville.

A statement from the Lumby RCMP said she was located by a father and son from the Delta area who were hunting near Ferry Creek Road late Monday evening. The hunters had been in the Cherryville Emporium earlier in the day and read the missing person report that had been posted there. While out hunting, the son recognized the Pontiac Sunfire parked under a tree as the one on the public notification poster.  The two men approached the car to find Catt lying in the rear seat. She was extremely incoherent and alone at the time the two found her.

The two went immediately called for help and Catt was been taken to Vernon Jubilee Hospital. Her family has been notified that she was found and they are with her at the present time. The police are continuing to follow up with this investigation, the statement said.

The RCMP would like to thank all media outlets for their messaging to the public of the disappearance of Catt as it greatly assisted the father and son recognizing the vehicle and quickly contacting the police.

The quick action of the father and son likely saved the woman’s life. She had been missing since September 22 and police and her family feared she would take her own life.