UPDATED! Emergency Services Food Drive inspired hundreds of volunteers

By David F. Rooney

Last week’s Emergency Services Food Drive raised an astonishing 9,854 lbs (4,470 kilos) of non-perishabe foods for the Community Connections Food Bank plus $2,682.50 in cash donations from families and $1,000 in Cooper,s cards from the Knights of Pythias.

“I’m absolutely vibrating!” exclaimed Krista Carnegie, who put a great deal of effort into organizing the two-day food drive.

“People were amazing! People were actually coming out to the kerb with their donations to meet our volunteers.”

About 240 men, women and children from about 20 different groups volunteered their time on Wednesday and Thursday nights to gather donations for the food-strapped Community Connections Food Bank.

Patti Larson of the Community Connections Food Bank could not immediately be reached for comment as she was at a two-day Food Banks BC conference. However, she would doubtless be pleased with the totals as she desperately hoped to at least equal last year’s total of 9,000 lbs.

Well, public donations this year certainly exceeded that amount.

Here are a few scenes from the food drive I thought you’d enjoy seeing:

Last week’s Emergency Services Food Drive brought out 240 volunteers on Wednesday and Thursday. The volunteers came from the RCMP, Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services, Parks Canada, Revelstoke Search and Rescue, and a plethora of local clubs including the Army Cadets, Girl Guides, Revelstoke Ski Club and many other group. Rallying at the RCMP detachment, they were extremely well organized by Krista Carnegie and Patti Larson. David F. Rooney photo
At first glance city residents might have thought there was a serious accident near by but that was strictly and illusion as BC Ambulance paramedics, supported by Girl Guides and other children went door to door in Southside. David F. Rooney photo
A paramedic waits for someone to answer her knock on the door while Girl Guide leader Michelle Cole looks on. David F. Rooney photo
Trevor and Sammy, two boys who wanted to help out when they saw food drive volunteers in action, collect donations from a neighbour. David F. Rooney photo
Young Clay drops his family’s donation into a bag. David F. Rooney photo
Army Cadet Shawn Lee accepts a donation from Bob Rogers. David F. Rooney photo
Capt. Kelly Rienks loads donations onto the back of his truck. David F. Rooney photo
When volunteers returned to the RCMP detachment they found clearly marked boxes ready and waiting. David F. Rooney photo
Each box was ready to be filled with particular kinds of food, such as canned soup. David F. Rooney photo
Volunteers spent a lot of time on both nights collecting, sorting and boxing non-perishable foods. David F. Rooney photo
Volunteers collected hundreds of grocery bags filled with people’s donations. David F. Rooney photo
Krista Carnegie, RCMP Staff Sgt. Jackie Olsen and Patti Larson of the Community Connections Food Bank pose inside a bay filled with donated food at the RCMP detachment on Thursday evening. Sean Borthwick photo