Beauty through art

By David F. Rooney

The Visual Arts Centre’s first shows of the autumn, Fabulous Light by Peter Blackmore, Recent Works by Rachel Kelly, Landscape Reflected by Jennifer Hedge and Anything Goes 3D opened on Friday evening.

Here are  images of some of the works on display at The Centre until

The works in Anything Goes are also being sold through a Silent Auction as a fundraiser for new flooring in the Visual Arts Centre’s galleries. Artists are donating all or 50% of the sale proceeds to The Centre. The auction will run until the end of the show on October 5.

The Gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday 12 – 4 pm.

Here are some images from the show:

By Arleigh Kurucz
Wood and copper
31 for 2 (left)
By Cat Mather
Wood, nails and paint
By Melissa Jameson
Wood, collage
Birds of a Feather
By Pat Anderson
Wood, ceramic and feathers
Evening Light: Mount Revelstoke
By Rachel Kelly
Acrylic on canvas


Margo Goodman (left) and Soleil Kelly greatly enjoyed Peter Blackmore’s very fun solo show, Fabulous Light. The black light nature of his works recalled the 1960s, a sensation that was strengthened by his inclusion of late ’60s music by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and other bands of the era. David F. Rooney photo
Black Chaos Comes
By Jennifer Hedge
Acrylic on canvas
Wood carver Ken Sakamoto admires some of the work submitted for the Anything Goes 3D exhibition, which includes his own little offering (center with dried flowers). David F. Rooney photo
Bugaboo Blue
By Rachel Kelly
Acrylic on canvas