GNP’s Prairie Hills fire surges to 70 hectares

The Prairie Hills fire, which was just 2.7 hectares in size last week, has grown to 70 ha. A statement from Parks Canada Friday said winds preceding last Tuesday’s thunderstormsfanned the fire up-slope and while it has grown, it still remains within the predetermined boundaries set by Parks Canada. The fire, located in the Beaver Valley, does not pose a threat to the highway and is primarily burning up dead timber from previous fires. It will provide a future natural fire guard for the area. The smoke from the fire is visible from the highway and the fire continues to be closely monitored by Parks Canada. It was ignited by an August 21 lightning strike in an old burn area from the 1980s that was re-burned in the mid-90s and is now burning again today. This is a regenerated forest in a high lightning strike area. Parks Canada has monitored this fire since August 21. Simon Hunt photo courtesy of Parks Canada