Big ‘n’ juicy mystery critter

The natural world is full of little mysteries, like this big and juicy caterpillar that Shawn Filipchuk found in her back yard on Douglas. It’s a bright green colour with black hairs sprouting from the red nodules on its segments. Shawn Filipchuk photo
Shawn’s daughters Karsyn and Alexa thought it was cool. She was mystified. Do any of our readers know what it is? Shawn Filipchuk photo
They decided to keep their discovery and put it in a plastic container with some leaves. After a while the creature began spinning silk. Shawn Filipchuk photo
Eventually it managed to build itself a little shelter out of the leaves. Shawn Filipchuk photo
After while the animal was completely hidden from view. If you know what kind of caterpillar this is please post a comment at the bottom of this photo feature. Shawn Filipchuk photo