A bounty of blooming beauty

If you’ve got a few hours to kill this weekend you should make your way to the summit of Mount Revelstoke and meander through the wildflowers.

“The best wildflowers are out right now along the side of the “Meadows in the Sky” Parkway that leads to the summit of the mountain,” Parks Canada spokeswoman Jacolyn Daniluck told The Current on Friday. “The summit area is changing daily — glacier lilies are now seeding and Indian Paintbrush and Valerian are quickly flowering.”

Jacolyn sent The Current a number of recent photos that show the blooming beauty in the alpine areas above town. Enjoy!

Indian Paintbrush blooms on a sun-side slope. Karen Best photo courtesy of Parks Canada
You won’t believe this picture, Parks Canada staff Karen Best took this picture of White Mountain Heather and if you look you will see a graceful spider clinging to one of the blossoms! Karen Best photo courtesy of Parks Canada
There are still a few small cool snow patches at the summit. As you can see in this picture, a cheerful Arnica is blooming beside the snowy sub-alpine lake! Photo courtesy of Parks Canada
Here is my favourite image that Parks staff took at the summit — Western Anenome. They’ve gone to seed now and we call them ‘hippies on sticks.’ Photo courtesy of Parks Canada
A beautiful Columbine – one of my favourites! Photo courtesy of Parks Canada
This image was taken on the drive up the Parkway. Beardtongue. Look closely
and you will see that the inside of the flower has a hairy white ‘tongue;’ it likes drier, rockier soil and Partridge Foot (the delicate white flower) is always abundant in Mount Revelstoke National Park. Photo courtesy of Parks Canada