Wage subsidy program once again offered by CBT

The Columbia Basin Trust is once again offering its School Works Program, which provides an $8/hour wage subsidy to encourage small businesses and other organizations to provide part-time employment for full-time high school and post-secondary students during the school year.

“CBT is pleased to be able to continue the School Works Program this fall,” Sabrina Curtis, CBT Director for Planning and Development, said in a statement. “We are providing $600,000 toward wage subsidies for Basin organizations to increase the availability of jobs for students.”

College of the Rockies delivered the pilot and will continue to work in partnership with CBT to administer the program this fall.

“We are excited to continue collaborating with CBT after a very successful first run. The School Works Program has had such a positive impact on businesses throughout the Columbia Basin; we are thrilled to be a part of it,” Tracey Whiting, Manager of Contract Training and Business Development at College of the Rockies, said in the statement

From January to June, 64 businesses throughout the Basin hired students part-time with the support of the School Works Program.

The fall application intake for the School Works Program will begin on a first-come first-served basis on August 14. Check www.cbt.org/schoolworks for more information.

CBT supports efforts to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to the residents of the Columbia Basin. To learn more about CBT programs and initiatives, visit www.cbt.org or call 1-800-505-8998.