Vital Columbia Basin stats going online

It’s now much easier to locate important statistics about the Columbia Basin.

Oh, we know, we know — that’s not first and foremost on most people’s minds, but it is nonetheless a significant development for journalists, academics, researchers and others who rely on accurate economic, demographic, social and other kinds of statistics.

These kinds of vital figures are now available through the Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute’s (RDI) website at

“The RDI was formed with the goal of supporting informed planning and decision-making through the provision of region-specific information and applied research,” the organization said in a statement.

“The RDI website will continue to develop over the summer and will eventually house both RDI-led research and partner research and will serve as a central hub for data for the region. Users will be able to filter and export data by economic, social, cultural and environmental indicators as well as by community, corridor and region.”

To learn about Basin trends, view research and access data go to If you’d like to stay connected with the RDI and receive research updates, news and trends you can subscribe to the RDI’s electronic newsletter at