Perfect Pic app is a high point for web developer Shane McCallum

The new Perfect Pic app imparts crystalline clarity to single frames snagged from your video. Screen shot courtesy of Perfect Pic
Web developer Shane McCallum and two partners have just released a truly innovative new app — Perfect Pic — which is now available at the iTunes App Store. Photo courtesy of Shane McCallum

By David F. Rooney

Shane McCallum, the web developer who built The Current’s website, and his partners in a Ohio-based design company have just released an app that may well be the newest, most innovative way to capture perfectly timed photos with ease.

Perfect Pic is available online on the iTunes App Store and can be used with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It allows you to take video then select the most amazing frame from that video and using it as a still image. That sounds like something you can already do with Photoshop. To a certain extent you can, but the results are certainly not as stunningly clear as those you can achieve using Perfect Pic.

“All you have to do,” McCallum said in an interview, “is:

“1. Open the app and either choose a video or record a new one;
“2. Play back the video at your choice of three different speeds;
“3. Pause the video when you are close to the right spot;
“4. Flip through the pics frame-by-frame at up to 64 frames per second; and
“5. Find the perfectly timed photo, crop, zoom, add filters, save and share.”

McCallum, who is also the proprietor of Rev Software, is technical project manager at Bawtree Software in Salmon Arm, where he moved two years ago from Revelstoke.

Highly skilled and experienced, this is nonetheless a special moment for him.

“I’ve been a member of teams that have developed other apps, but I’ve never made my own app,” he said.

McCallum said the app is available for free at the iTunes App Store right now. However, the free version is not fully functional. You have to cough up $1.99 for full functionality. $1.99? That’s a heck of a deal.

He is partners in Perfect Pic LLC with marketing specialist Sean Bammer of Strongsville, Ohio, and Cleveland firefighter Manoj Das.

For more information you can visit or contact McCallum at You can also call him at 250-515-0807.