In Pictures: Timber Day 2012

By David F. Rooney

Unlike Canada Day, just six days before, the weather during Timber Day on Saturday was perfect — hot, dry and sunny. And the weather  certainly seemed to bring out the spectators this year.

Hundreds of people came down to Centennial park to enjoy this year’s celebration of logger culture. That was a major improvement over previous years when attendance was sparse.

There were 28 male competitors and 1e3 female ones. The Lady Logger of the Day was Debbie Barstad, the Male Logger of the Day was Angus Woodman and the Sportsman of the Day was Jacob Hansen.

Here are the full results from all of the day’s events, followed by a selection of photos we hope you’ll enjoy:

Oldest competitor – Ernie Larson 80yrs

Ladies Axe Throw                                                Ladies Choker Race

Debbie Barstad                                                                                                                                                                   Eve Nothmore                        27.53 seconds
Tracey Peterson                                                                                                                                                                  Tracey Peterson           31.43
Kimberly Gillis                                                                                                                                                                    Khaena Borchers            32.26
Nicole Miller                                                                                                                                                                        Nicole Miller               32.58

Ladies Stock Saw

Debbie Barstad                        18.99 seconds
Nicole Miller                                    19.27
Anna Minten                                    21.41
Tracey Peterson                        22.08

Men’s Stock Saw                                                Men’s Axe Throw

Jacob Hansen – 30.57 seconds                                                                                                                             Chad Miller
Eric Hansen –    32.50                                                                                                                                               Jacob Hansen
Cody Borchers   33.00                                                                                                                                               Scott Duke
Nick Sheffield    33.33                                                                                                                                               Angus Woodman

Mens Choker Race

Nick Sheffield                                    23.90 seconds

Scott Hansen                           25.23
Angus Woodman                        25.29
Pat McMechan                        25.32

Mixed Jack & Jill Crosscut

Angus Woodman/Nadine Overwater                                33.45 seconds
Bob Larson/Debbie Barstad                                44.18
Chad Miller/Nicole Miller                          47.44
Jacob Hanson/Irene Erickson                      49.19

Mixed Working Saw Buck

Angus Woodman                                    32.27 seconds
Pat McMechan                                    37.27
Bob Larson                                                38.23
Debbie Barstad                                    116.79

Survivor Tea Boil

Pat McMechan/Irene Erikson
Scott Hansen/Rhaena Borchers
Issac Smith/Cody Borchers
Eve Northmore/Scott Duke

Mixed – 3 Person Relay

Chad Miller/Rhaena Borcehrs/Nick Sheffield                        131.93 seconds
Bob Larson/ Debbie Barstad/ Jacob Hansen                                    142.17
Pat McMechan/Marnie Graff/Angus Woodman                        142.71
Scott Hansen/Tracey Peterson/Jeremich Mucha                        203.77

Log Burling

Matthew Erickson 9 yrs old
Eric Hansen
Nick Sheffield
Tracey Peterson

Groucho Marx

Scott Hansen
Drew McLauchin
Debbie Barstad

Kids Choler Race – 8-10 yrs

Matthew Erickson                                        16.97 seconds
Karlie Beattie                                                19.27
Noah Overwater                                    20.68

Kids Choler Race – 11-14 yrs

Jacob McEwan                                    15.89 seconds
Katrina Andrews                                    16.71
Jacob McEwan                                    17.03
Tristan                                                            20.50

Kids Nail Hammering – 8-10 yrs

Matthew Erickson                                    11.78 seconds
Mitchell Erickson                                    13.01
Karlie Beattie                                                29.23
Kail Atkinson                                                31.61

Kids Nail Hammering – 11-14 yrs

Jacob Erickson                                    48.06 seconds
Katrina Andrews                                    126.92
Jacob McEwan                                    129.95

Mayor David Raven and his partner, Ernie Larson, went toe-to-toe with Stoke FM’s Scott Duke and Bob Larson and… prevailed in the annual Political Saw-off. David F. Rooney photo
Nicole Miller rips through a disk of wood less than one inch (2.54 cm in width) in the Husquvarna chain saw event. David F. Rooney photo
Angus Woodman throws himself over top of the log during the last few seconds of the Choker Race. David F. Rooney photo
Kids swing their hammers in the kids nail-hammering event. David F. Rooney photo
Scott Hansen watches his axe bite deep into the wood during the axe-throwing event. David F. Rooney photo
Bob Larson tried hard, but didn’t make the finals in the Men’s Axe Throw. David F. Rooney photo
Diane Miller, Alex Daignault and Kevin Lavelle manned the BC Forest Service booth at the Timber Day event. The Forest Service is 100 years old this year. David F. Rooney photo
Eric Rienks found the perfect solution to the heat — a cold ice cream cone. David F. Rooney photo
Eric Hansen watches his axe tumble end over end during his practice throw for the Axe Throwing event. David F. Rooney photo
That well-know Eastern logger, Scott Duke takes a throw with his axe. How did he do? Scott did surprisingly well, coming in third place. Not bad for an Ontario boy. David F. Rooney photo
Wayne Murray (right) and the crew from Team Gloria served up great burgers and dogs for hungry logging sports fans. David F. Rooney photo
The heat made for a lot of thirst people. Fortunately, though, they didn’t have to quench their thirst with water from this steam-powered pump. The pump was one of the interesting exhibits brought by steam-powered machine collectors from the Shuswap. David F. Rooney photo