In Pictures: Canada Day 2012

By David F. Rooney

This year’s Canada Day party at Queen Elizabeth Park seemed well-attended but where was the crowd during the noon-hour parade?

Was it the threat of rain (we only got a few sprinkles)? The Italy – Spain match during the Euro 2012 Tournament? Or did an inordinate number of people flee the city for the long weekend? Whatever the reason there seemed to be only half as many people as would normally be thronging the downtown sidewalks.

But that didn’t stop the rest of us from having a great time both at the parade and at the traditional Birthday Party at Queen Elizabeth Park!

Here’s a selection of images we hope you’ll enjoy:

Mounties Chris Coleman, Kaid Shewchuck, Trent Eresman, Erica Hancock and Gary McLaughlin led this year’s parade in their gleaming boots and smart red serge uniforms. David F. Rooney photo
Popular MLA Norm Macdonald and his wife Karen rode with Mayor Dave Raven in this fine old car driven by Peter Bernacki. David F. Rooney photo
Citizen of the Year Vivian Mitchell enjoyed riding in the back of this convertible. David F. Rooney photo
Oooh! This was one of several fine old cars from the Vintage Car Club that were in the parade. David F. Rooney photo
Flag-waving Multicultural Society members reminded us all of the different cultural heritages that make life in our country to colourful and interesting! David F. Rooney photo
This truck-load of Red Hat Ladies had a rollicking good time! David F. Rooney photo
Hee-haw! You gotta love cowgirls. David F. Rooney photo
The Ministry of Forests float featured a lot of trees, naturally. David F. Rooney photo
Firefighters were ready to spray the good-natured crowd. David F. Rooney photo
Everyone loves Smokey the Bear! David F. Rooney photo
Parks Canada’s elaborate — and enormous — float was too unwieldy to negotiate the turn from First onto Mackenzie and had to just slowly blow through the intersection. David F. Rooney photo
Members of the ATV Club had plenty of candy to h and out to local boys and girls. David F. Rooney photo
The Last Drop float was one of the last in this year’s parade. David F. Rooney photo
Staff Sgt. Jacquie Olsen snaps a picture of two young ladies posing with Constables Chris Coleman, Kaid Shewchuck, Trent Eresman, Erica Hancock and Gary McLaughlin. On Canada Day it seems as though everyone wants their picture taken with our boys and girls in red serge. David F. Rooney photo
MLA Norm Macdonald addresses the crowd at the beginning of the Birthday Party at Queen Elizabeth Park as Mayor David Raven, Citizen of the Year Vivian Mitchell, RCMP Const. Gary McLaughlin and singer Sharon Shook and MC Meghan MacIsaac listen attentively. David F. Rooney photo
MCpl. Aldex Tilden raises the flag as Sgt. Xena Tilden, both of them members of the Rocky Mountain Rangers, and members of the local RCMP detachment salute. David F. Rooney photo
Revelstoke’s nightingale, Sharon Shook, leads the crowd in singing O Canada in both French and English. David F. Rooney photo
MLA Norm Macdonald, Mayor David Raven and Citizen of the Year Vivian Mitchell did the honours with this year’s Canada Day Birthday Cake, which was baked by the folks at Buns and Beyond, the new bakery moving into the space once occupied by the Chalet. David F. Rooney photo
The traditional Canada Day birthday cake always attracts a lineup… in this case, two lines! David F. Rooney photo
The Revelstoke Canine Search and Rescue group hosted the Beer Garden at the Canada Day Party. Their highly-trained dogs would allegedly bring you a beer… but I never witnessed that. David F. Rooney photo
Vance Shaw’s El Norte Mexican Food provided an alternative to the buffalo burgers and dogs that were also on offer at the Canada Day Party. David F. Rooney photo
Despite a delay due to the fact that most of Revelstoke’s Italian community — especially the serious Bocce players — appeared to be at home watching the Italy – Spain soccer game (Spain won 4-0), the traditional Canada Day Bocce Tournament eventually did get underway. David F. Rooney photo
Maritime Kitchen Party’s Shannon Sternloff (left), Trevor Wallach and Steve Smith provided some great music for the Canada Day Party. David F. Rooney photo
Scott Duke had a real lineup of hot dog aficionados waiting for one of the sausages and dogs he was grilling as a fundraiser for the Friends of Mount Revelstoke & Glacier. David F. Rooney photo
Reach for it, girls! David F. Rooney photo
The playground equipment at Queen Elizabeth Park was a hive of childish activity. David F. Rooney photo
And… stretch! This young boy looks as though he could teach the older kids a thing or two about hula hooping. David F. Rooney photo
One of the great things about Canada Day in Revelstoke is the fact there are lots of activities for kids! David F. Rooney photo
Team Gloria’s play pit and bubble machine are always a hit with local kids. David F. Rooney photo
Does it get much cuter than this — really young kids bouncing around in potato sacks? They just couldn’t seem to stand still until the race. David F. Rooney photo