Family Fishing Weekend saw kids of all ages hook fish of all sizes!

Father’s Day weekend marked the 14th Annual Family Fishing Weekend and, despite the rain, the Revelstoke Rod & Gun Club did it up in style at Williamsons Lake. Here’s proof that local kids of all ages hooked fish of all sizes:

The Revelstoke Rod & Gun Club recently sponsored a family fishing derby at Williamsons Lake to mark the 14th Annal Family Fishing Weekend, which was marked June 14 – 16. This popular event attracted a LOT of kids. Some were little and still managed a respectably sized fish. Photo courtesy of the Rod & Gun Club
Others were a little bigger — and look at the size of his trout! Photo courtesy of the Rod & Gun Club
And then there were a few REALLY BIG kids who somehow managed to only hook runty little fish. Too bad, Clancy! Photo courtesy of the Rod & Gun Club