Local Liberals impressed by premier

By David F. Rooney

At least four of Revelstoke’s BC Liberals are impressed by Premier Christy Clark.

“What I liked best about her is that she wants everyone working in the province,” Peter Bernacki, vice-president of the BC Liberals’ Columbia River-Revelstoke Constituency Association, said after he and three other party members returned from a fund-raiser in Cranbrook two weeks ago.

That sounds pretty good, but Clark told the party faithful that the province is like”The only downside is the likelihood that we’re going to suffer a shortage of workers.”

Bernacki, who had supported George Abbott during last year’s leadership campaign, said Clark “seemed to have time for everyone she met” at the event, which drew 350 party members to the Columbo Hall in Cranbrook.

Personable though she may be, Bernacki acknowledged that his party and leader likely will face a tough race during the next election.

“It’s not going to be an easy ride,” he said. “We’re going to have a tough battle on our hands but I believe she can take it. It’s going to take committed supporters and money.”