Eye-popping masks and terrific landscapes engage Arts Centre patrons

Coreen Tucker poses with two of the masks she produced for her lovely solo show, Behind the Mask. David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

Gorgeous masks and attractive landscapes are on offer for the delight of of art lovers at the Visual Arts Centre this month.

The two solo shows by local artist Coreen Tucker and Calgary painter Dawn Thrasher are vibrant displays of exceptionally attractive works of art.

The 10 pieces in Coreen’s exhibition took three months to produce.

“It’s so intuitive for me,” she said at the opening. “I was just playing around at the start and then it snowballed from there.”

Her work generated a lot of excitement at the opening on Friday evening and several of her works were sold.

The other exhibition, Upward Bound, was by Calgary painter Dawn Thrasher. This was her first show in Revelstoke and her paintings of glaciers and high alpine locations were highly detailed and realistic.

These two shows were complemented by the Columbia Basin Community Art Project that saw 12 local artists, led by professional artist Bruce Thomas, create a mural that is to be fastened to the east exterior wall of the Visual Arts Centre facing Wright Street and Victoria Road. Created with funding from the Columbia Basin Trust, the massive work incorporates the Columbia River, our local mountains and motifs area residents can’t help but recognize from mountain caribou to raves and kokanee.

These exhibitions are open to the public from June 9 until July 6 at the Visual Arts Centre, located at 320 Wilson. Admission is by donation. Fr more information please call 250-814-0261 or e-mail info@revelstokevisualarts.com.

In the meantime, here are some images from Friday’s opening:

This panoramic mural was created by a group of local artists — Jackie Pendergast, Peter Blackmore, Tina Lindegaard, John Devitt, Cat Mather, Mas Matsushita, Sue Davies, Tina Bafaro and David Rooney — under the guidance of Bruce Thomas. Beginning with the question “What is the Columbia Basin to You?” Bruce will lead the group through various visualization and drawing exercises before planning the final images and painting the panels. He will guide artists in the creation of their work and share some of his painting techniques including colour layering. The project will be completed in two days. This part of the process will be especially helpful to those artists who find they procrastinate. The mural will be hung on the outside wall of the Visual Arts Centre facing Wright Street and Victoria Road. Click on the image to see a larger version. David F. Rooney photo
Calgary artist Dawn Thrasher's gorgeous painting, Ice melt, is in her solo exhibition at The Centre. David F. Rooney photo
These are three of Dawn Thrasher's paintings of glaciers. On the left is Needle I ce Fall. In the middle is Solitary Stand and on the right is Ice Rhythms. David F. Rooney photo
Mirror, by Coreen Tucker, is one of the works that took her a month complete. David F. Rooney photo
John Devitt (left) and Peter Blackmore (right) in conversation with Bruce Thomas. David F. Rooney photo
Members of the regular crew of artists who hang and arrange paintings and sculptures for exhibition at The Centre presented Executive Director Jackie Pendergast with a live rose bush for her garden in Arrow Heights. David F. Rooney photo