Darrell and Jackie Goodman cycle from Surrey to Seattle for cancer research

What’s a little rain? For Revelstokians Jackie and Darrell Goodman, who raised an amazing $7,367, the wind and rain they encountered was a minor obstacle as they cycled from Surrey to Seattle for the annual Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer.

They were just two of the over 3,000 participants who took part in this year’s event.  There were the physically fit, the physically and mentally challenged, seniors and children… people from every culture.  This event raised $11.2 million dollars for cancer research. Team Finn, the team Jackie and Darrell rode for, raised $367,713.66.

Bob Eley and Joan Eley, good friends of Darrell and Jackie, sent the following description to The Current by e-mail:

“Darrell and Jackie finished the first day frozen, soaked and sore, but an evening in the hot tub and a good night’s rest helped prepare them for another day of riding. They hung their wet gear all over their hotel room overnight, hoping that it would dry out by morning with only some success.  The next morning they were up again at 0500, dressing in their still somewhat damp clothes, ready to go at it once more.
“The second day had a bit better weather, but the course was a bit more demanding, compounded by the sore muscles from the ride the day before.  The extreme challenge of the day was a long 15 km hill that seemed to never end.  This was not a race, so each participant travelled at their own speed, depending on their personal abilities.  Some riders took more breaks than others, some had to walk up some of the hills, everyone started at a different time, so, at the last pit stop, the faster riders waited for the slower riders to arrive.  At this stop, many teams arranged to have group photos taken.  This gave the teams a chance to mass as a team and travel to the finish line in team fashion rather than one member at a time.
“Thousands of cheering people awaited the riders as they rode over the finish line at Redmond, Washington. The names of the finishers were announced over the PA as they arrived, often followed by a personal item from the person’s bio.
“Both Jackie and Darrell have already signed up to do the ride again next year and hope that they can persuade other riders in Revelstoke to sign up as well.”
That’s well said. Here are some photos from the event:
Bob and Joan Eley, who travelled with Darrell and Jackie as their roadies, pose with them at the starting gate at Fraser Downs Race Track and Casino on June 16. “The weather stayed wet and windy all thru the first day,” Jackie told The Current. “Luckily for us we were not candidates for hypothermia as some of the riders had been. Thank goodness for the invention of Merino wool!” Photo courtesy of Jackie and Darrell Goodman
Darrell and Jackie pose for a photo while waiting with the other 3,011 riders for permission to cross into the USA at the Peace Arch border crossing. The yellow flag attached to Darrell’s bike indicated to all riders that he had survived cancer. Each day as he pedalled his bike thru the wind and rain and the riders who passed encouraged and congratulated his effort. “They called him by name, some slowed down and took the time to speak to him and ask him how he was doing,” Jackie said. “It was such a wonderful gesture to see and hear how they cheered him on. Even people on the street, and those in the road side cheering stations called out his name and said ‘Good job Darrell.’ That was the best part of the ride for me! As you can see we where well prepared for the weather with our rain gear and packs that contained 2 L water bottles with electrolytes, cell phones, endurance and protein bars; electrolyte gummies; Kleenex, spare dry socks; sunglasses; maps; gum; lip balm and a pair of scissors that came in handy! I also carried extra food as last year there was a shortage. But this year there was no food shortage, but their supply of Gator Aide was quickly depleted as we had to battle 15-20 miles/hour with times of down pours or sheet rain. I myself drank 4 litres of fluid a day.” Photo courtesy of Jackie and Darrell Goodman
Darrell arriving at the last pit stop. Photo courtesy of Bob Eley
Darrell and Jackie celebrating at the finish line. Photo courtesy of Bob Eley