Closed for good but forever in our memories

By David F. Rooney

The sound of children’s voices will never again echo in the halls and classrooms of Mountain View and Mount Begbie. The two schools closed forever on Thursday afternoon after one last year-end assembly.

Oh, teachers still have one more day — officially — and many will put in more than that, packing away their books, posters and other classroom items. But really it’s all over except for, here and there, a few tears.

Established in 1914 and 1967, the schools have seen thousands of students pass through their doors and some of their events like MVE’s terrific Christmas pageants and MBE’s autumn Kokanee Festival and Fall Fair have long been cherished community traditions. Declining enrolment and sheer age killed off the two schools. And while their passing is surely mourned by many, students and staff can look forward to the autumn.

As MVE Principal Bob Cooper put it to the kids assembled in the school gym: “The next time you meet will be in a brand-new school with brand-new classmates!”

That’s something for the children of MVE and MBE to look forward to, but here’s hoping they won’t forget their old schools, either.

Here are some photos from the last day at Mountain View and Mount Begbie:


Mountain View may be closing but the school still took time to produce a bright and final farewell poster. David F. Rooney photo
This shot of the Mountain View Elementary School library says it all: the end is nigh. David F. Rooney photo
Students families sing the national an them at the beginning of Mountain View’s final school assembly on Thursday. There were more than few tears at this event. David F. Rooney photo
Dozens of Mountain View kids received school’s truly final year-end awards. David F. Rooney photo
Principal Bob Cooper’s very last year-end slide show was a real hit. David F. Rooney photo
Bags of old papers filled different nooks and crannies at MVE. David F. Rooney photo
Stacked chairs signal the end of the year for teachers and students at MVE. David F. Rooney photo
The Credit Union’s Todd Weber and Crystal Robichaud had lots of fresh popcorn on hand for hungry students at MVE. David F. Rooney photo
Looking for a healthy treat? Try some watermelon! David F. Rooney photo
There was plenty for all at MVE’s family BBQ. David F. Rooney photo
An army of hot dogs sizzles away at MVE’s BBQ. David F. Rooney photo
Parent Chris MacDonald burns a few burgers for the hungry masses at MVE’s last family BBQ. David F. Rooney photo
Students lineup for ice cream cones doled out after lunch by MBE teachers. David F. Rooney photo
Scrapbooks full of newspaper clippings hold a lot of memories at MBE. David F. Rooney photo
Several tables worth of ‘quilts’ await bidders at MBE’s last silent auction on Thursday afternoon. David F. Rooney photo
Student Averie MacDonald wistfully browses through some of the memories at MBE. David F. Rooney photo
Teacher Eleanor Wilson previews a final year-end slide show at MBE. David F. Rooney photo
A lot of memories will be going in this box — a Mount Begbie Elementary School time capsule that Principal Shan Jorgenson-Adams says will be hidden away for a future generation to unearth. David F. Rooney photo