2012 Street Fest gets a youthful kickoff

By David F. Rooney

Street Fest 2012 kicked off on Thursday evening with performances by a raft of talented local youth performers. They included Hailey Christie-Hoyle, Juliana Carter, Dorothy Tappell, Footle, Amber Hart and Taylor Masson, Defiance, Ideal Effect and Riley Dickson.

The evening was a little overcast but warm and there was an fair-sized and appreciative crowd for the Revelstoke Arts Council’s  summer concert series’ first evening. The kids performances were, all things considered, pretty good.

There are different performers playing in Grizzly Plaza from 6:30 until 9:30 every evening this summer. (Please click here to access the list of performers.)

Here are a few photos from the early stages of Thursday performances. (Please click here to watch a video of three performers — Defiance, Hailey Christie-Hoyle and Riley Dickson.)

Amy Flexman signs up the different youth bands and singers who kicked off this year’s Street Fest with a Youth Open Mic Night. Performers included Hailey Christie-Hoyle, Defiance, Ideal Effect, Dorothy Tappell, Footle, Juliana Carter, Amber Hart and Taylar Massan and Riley Dickson. David F. Rooney photo
Soundman Grant Leiterman tunes up his equipment. David F. Rooney photo
Young musicians test their equipment. David F. Rooney photo
Hailey Christie-Hoyle put on a near-perfect performance. David F. Rooney photo
La Baguette offered up gelato to members of the crowd while booths offered information about several groups including the Stoke Youth Network, The Cabin, Stoke FM, Okanagan College and others. David F. Rooney photo
Scott Duke checks his dogs. David F. Rooney photo
Riley Dickson performs for the crowd that gathered at Grizzly Plaza. David F. Rooney photo