Young Earth Day artists’ winning work!

The North Columbia Environmental Society recently sponsored an artistic Earth Day Art Contest in local schools.

The criteria were simple:

“Examples of what you could be doing for the planet (doesn’t have to be mind blowing, just the little things that others might not be doing)- hanging laundry to dry, walking to school instead of bugging your parents for a drive, unplugging electronics when not using them, carpooling to sports events, garbage free lunches, eating less meat, having your own garden.”

It sounded like fun and the NCES had lots of entries for their school-based Earth Day Contest. Here is a list of the winners, and below that are the winning art works themselves.
Intermediate (Grade 4-7)
Honourable Mention
-Jacob Ancell (MBE)
-Taylor Tenborg (MVE)
-Mia Neve Scott (MVE)
-Lauren Channell (MBE)
Third Prize- Harrison Fenwick (MBE)
Tied Winners-  Courtney Atkinson (MBE) and Erik Brosch (MBE)
A total of 109 entries from Revelstoke Intermediate students
Primary (grade K to 3)

Honourable Mention
Hailey Callahan (CPE)
Shaunacy Alm (CPE)
Aiden Hill (CPE)
Second Prize Xaydeeana Erasman (CPE)
Winner Esteban Awad (CPE)
total of 212  entries from Revelstoke Primary Students
And here are the artists’ works (many thanks to MBE teacher Sarah Newton for arranging to have these photographed and sent to The Current!):