Rollergirls just wanna have fun

By David F. Rooney

Our local team of rollergirls — the Revelstoke Derailers — are just about ready for a season of high-intensity action starting with their first game in Penticton on Saturday, but they sure could use some help.

“We’re looking for three or four more players and 20 to 22 volunteers,” says Krista Carnegie, the team’s volunteer coordinator.

Anyone who thinks they’d like to help out please contact Krista at 250-837-8569.

Last week the girls ran their paces during an open house at the Forum and attracted a small crowd of potential volunteers and outright fans. And what’s not to like. The Derailers have great  nicknames like AC Slayedher, Venus Jam-Trapp, Kiss MyCarnage, Kernel Panic and AKilla’ the Honey. Oh. And did I mention they like to wear fish-net stockings? Lots and lots of fishnets?

Click here to visit the team’s website and find out more about the Derailers.

All in all they look like they’re having bags of fun. Here are some images from their open house:

The Derailers have a quick confab with their coach, Stephanie Ells, and a gaggle of officials. David F. Rooney photo


Their discussion continues... oh, note the fishnets. David F. Rooney photo
The rollergirls begin to skate into action. David F. Rooney photo
They start picking up speed... David F. Rooney photo
The girls start whipping around a corner. David F. Rooney photo
In one exercise, the girls dropped to one knee as they skated along. David F. Rooney photo
Potential volunteers were riveted by the Derailers' exercises. David F. Rooney photo