Great paintings and amazing ceramics mark the Arts Centre’s newest show

By David F. Rooney

The Visual Arts Centre’s newest opening on Friday, May 11, will excite and delight local patrons of the arts.

There are three shows in this opening — Light and Beauty of Landscapes, Fragments and The Golden Girls — and each is, in its own right, worth coming out to see.

Light and Beauty of Landscapes fills the main gallery with a series of highly accomplished mountain landscapes by Bryn Stevenson (Please click here to visit his website). A native of the Kootenays he has spent his life among our mountains and his love of these sometimes overwhelming features is very apparent. I especially liked his image of Castle Mountain in Banff National Park and his phantasmagorical Blazing Aurora.

The Golden Girls brings us new works by Revelstoke’s group of senior watercolourists of the same name. Their work is bright, imaginative and quite fun — just like the Golden Girls themselves.

The third show, Fragments, by Sandra Flood has been months in the making. Sandra continues to explore the seductive power of Islamic- and ancient Western- themed ceramic tiles and vessels which she first unveiled in a 2009 show based on gardens (that’s another of Sandra’s great loves). Just looking at some of her pieces awakened a growing excitement within me that I know won’t be satisfied until I can purchase another one, two or three of her works.

All three shows open to the public on Friday, May 11, from 6 pm until 9 pm. They’ll be on exhibition at the Visual Arts Centre, located at 320 Wilson behind the Days Inn. The shows are on display until June 1. For more information call 250-814-0261 or send an e-mail to

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of these images from the three shows:

Golden Cathedral — Yoho National Park by Bryn Stevenson, oil on canvas — 2011
Ebulliation — by Bryn Stevenson, oil on canvas — 2012
Blazing Aurora — by Bryn Stevenson, mixed media — 2011
Castle Mountain — Banff National Park by Bryn Stevenson, oil on canvas — 2012
Root Cellar — Cllinton, BC by Sherrin Davis — watercolour
Summertime by Muriel Rota — watercolour
A Gift For Janice by Del Peressini — watercolour
Sharon's Pansies by Linda McGee — watercolour
Antique Jars Series — Horses by Sandra Flood — ceramics


Buildings Series — Pavilions by Sandra Flood — ceramics
Ancient Map Series — Paradise Garden Map by Sandra Flood — ceramics
Fragments — Disintegration by Sandra Flood — ceramics