Do you remember Sports Day 1968?

Tom Parkin

It was a fine day at Revelstoke in June, 44 years ago. The student body of the secondary school was released onto the field and track for the annual sports competition. I had taken up photography about that time, and owned my first 35mm camera. Here are two shots from Sports Day which show lots of familiar faces.

Anguish on his face, the late Mark Pawlitsky misses his high jump. On a prior jump, he had cleared his own height (about 5′ 6″). At far right, teacher Bud Stovel with clipboard. To right side of right post: Harolyn Ludwig and Ginny Williams. To left of the right post: Alan Smythe (rear), then Bernice Klaudt?, a student teacher with clipboard, and Rena Stevenson (folded arms) with future husband Terry Powers (denim shirt). Behind Terry is Mike Broemeling. Front row from the left in the white T and dark shorts is Sal Lopez; blue T and red shorts is Mark Adair, white T and red shorts may be Jimmy Crawford?, orange T may be Keith Gallicano? Are the two tall guys whose Mark’s feet point at Ken Olynyk (with hat) and Bill Grace? Under Mark’s right hand: John Hager, and to the right of him — Robert Sirianni. Under Mark’s right knee —sweethearts Fred Duchman/Heather Upper (who later married), Greg Humphries OR Dale Muldoon (white shirt), Don Taylor (blue turtleneck). Behind Heather could be Stu McRae. Tom Parkin photo
In fine form, Walter Cyronek (House B), leading a relay race. Mike Hall straining at second; looking resigned, David Olynyk at rear. Do you remember your house cheer? House B won this race, so our members would have yelled: Bzzz, Boom, BEE! There were Houses A to D, which mixed kids of all ages and abilities for both indoor and outdoor competitions throughout the year. Spectators here include Brent Adair (looking over his shoulder); forward of his knees, are possibly Larry Stacey and Mickey Webster. At far left, Marlene Kozak? Tom Parkin photo