Attempted arson petered out… do you recognize the evidence?

RCMP are investigating something you don’t see everyday here in Revelstoke — an attempted arson. It could have been bad news for someone, but the fire bug blew it.

“Between 11 pm on May 7 and 07:30 am on May 8, someone attempted to start a fire in the gas tank of a red 2008 Dodge Ram while parked on the street on the 500 block Second St. W,” Staff Sgt Jacquie Olsen said in a statement released Thursday.

“The culprit stuffed a handkerchief/do-rag into the fuel filler nozzle of the fuel tank. The rag burned out prior to doing any significant damage to the vehicle.”

Pictures of the vehicle and the handkerchief/do-rag are attached and if anyone is able to identify who this handkerchief/do-rag may belong to or knows anything anout this offence, please contact Revelstoke RCMP at 250-837-5255 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Here are images of the target vehicle and the do-rag the culprit attempted to light:

Someone attempted to torch this vehicle on Second Street West two days ago. Photo courtesy of the Revelstoke RCMP


This is the handkerchief/do-rag that the firebug stuffed into the gas tank nozzle and lit, hoping it would act as a fuse. It petered out instead. Do you recognize this piece of evidence? If so the police would like to hear from you. If you know something please contact the Mounties at 250-837-5255 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. Photo courtesy of the Revelstoke RCMP